Been awhile but here is a smooth edit from LA based Sweetbrush.

Tracks like this simultaneously weigh down and enlighten me. Would love to create something this beautiful.

Just an amazing remix and a FREE DL!

This song makes me want to quit music. Too perfect.

One of my jams. Hope you enjoy it!

Classixx is simply the shit. They are heading a nice group of artists who are creating clean dance music that you just sort of don’t want to end. 

The kind of remixes I thoroughly enjoy. Nothing forcing me to do anything I don’t want to. This remix just wants me to listen to it and enjoy.

This is an incredible track that makes mixes two different worlds to create something extremely unique. I felt like I time traveled to a speak easy and brought two technics and a rane mixer with me at the same time.

One of the somewhat hidden gems of SoundCloud, Giraffage keeps things fresh. Each track branches out in new directions and takes chances with form and function while still keeping intact a signature sound. Download this track for free and also check out his new video for Close 2 Me (

Holy mind melt, batman. Awesome tune.

This is going to be the best album of the year. This may even be my favorite album since For Emma. Such a lovely tune made by lovely musicians.

RAC is constantly my favorite.

Frickin love Bondax. Nice remix here. 

One of my favorite SC artists. Stoked for the new EP.

Shameless self-promotion!!!